Alumni - Lagos Business School Alumni (2023)

Lagos Business School Alumni Association (LBSAA)

The aims of the LBS Alumni Association include the following:


To promote continuous education for its members and facilitate a stronger relationship among them


To support LBS in its aims and objectives


To render service to the society, especially in the area of public and private management

LBS Alumni Association

The LBSAA has a decision-making council which is tasked with the responsibility of managing the affairs of the Association and all other matters concerning it. The Governing council comprises of all class presidents, Zonal presidents, all affinity group leaders and a 14 member Executive Council. The Executive Council is composed of the President of the Association, Vice President, Secretary, the Immediate Past President, the Dean of LBS, Alumni Relations Director and some appointed members. The current members are:

Charter of LBSAA

Lagos Business School Alumni Association (LBSAA) has a defined set of fundamental rules which guides its working procedures, memberships, elections and decision-making processes. This Charter was last amended on November 11, 2017 and its adherence by the association is monitored by the council. You can download a copy of the constitution here.

Become a Member

You can choose to be a financial or non-financial member but we encourage members to be financial members of the association. There are general benefits for all members but financial membership comes with additional benefits. Becoming a financial member requires the payment of membership dues which can be confirmed from the Alumni Relations department. Upon payment of dues, kindly email a copy of your passport picture.


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Download Benefits.pdf


Footprints is the LBSA Alumni magazine. It is published bi-annually and is circulated free of charge to all members. The goal of the magazine is to showcase the achievements of LBSA Alumni as they impact on their various sectors. It also provides a platform to keep members informed on the latest happenings at LBS. The magazine can be read online at for LBSAA Footprints) and the current copy can be downloaded here.

If you do not receive a physical copy and would like one delivered to your address, please your current physical address for courier delivery.

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Uzoma Chukwuma

Frequently Asked Questions


General Information

  • How can I update my address personal information?

    You can update your personal information by going on our self-service portal – Please contact Esther on for your login details.

  • How do I find out the year of my class reunion?

    At Lagos Business School, reunions are organized for classes ten years after their graduation ceremony. Please contact any member of the alumni relations team to find out the exact date of your reunion on the tenth year after your graduation or send mail

  • How do I subscribe/unsubscribe from the LBS Alumni newsletters and emails?

    E-mails and newsletters from the Alumni Relations Team go to all alumni on our e-mail database/LBS Alumni Connect platform. If you do not receive our e-mails/newsletters, please contact any member of the team to include your valid e-mail address on the mailing list. There is an option to unsubscribe from our e-mail/newsletter mailing list if you feel the need to do so. Kindly scroll down to the bottom part of the email/newsletter and activate the unsubscribe feature.

  • Who are the members of the Alumni Relations Team?

    The members of the Alumni Relations Team are:

    • Henry Andoh,
    • Uzoma Chukwuma,
    • Oluwatisegunfunmi Adegbesan,
    • Esther Ojo,
    • Omotayo Akinyede,
    • Judith Chukwu,


Giving to LBS

  • Who do I talk to if I want to make a donation?

    Lagos Business School has a dedicated Advancement Team which handles all matters relating to donations to the School. You can contact the advancement team through this e-mail address:


Giving to LBS

  • Can I make an individual donation or it has to be done as a class?

    You can make an individual donation to the School. Contact Alumni Relations Office on

  • What credit do I get for making donations?

    Please contact the advancement team for details of credits you can get for making donations to the School.


Footprints Magazine

  • How do I advertise on the footprints magazine?

    Please contact the Alumni Relations Team for the current advertisement rates on Footprints. Once you choose the page to place your advertisement, make the required payment and submit your artwork, then your advertisement will be published.

  • How do I submit my success stories?

    Please submit your success stories to your class president to collate and forward to the Alumni relations team or submit your stories directly to any member of the team.

  • How do I find out the ExCo members of my class?

    The Alumni Relations Department keeps a directory of Class EXCO Members. Please contact any member of the team for this information pertaining to your class.

  • How do I submit an idea for an article?

    Send your ideas or articles to any member of the Alumni Relations Team. Please note that publication of articles are subject to the editor’s approval and availability of space per edition of Footprints.


Faculty and LBS Facilities

  • How do I book for consultation with a faculty member?

    You can book to consult with a faculty member by sending an e-mail directly to the faculty member concerned. Please check the faculty section of this website for contact email addresses of faculty members.

  • What LBS facilities are still available for my use?

    As an alumnus/alumna of LBS, you can use the school’s library and its resources.


Benefits & Membership

  • Can LBS alumni attend Executive programs at a discount?

    Financial Members of the alumni network (either life or annual) can attend executive programmes at a discount of 15 percent. Please note that the discount does not apply on foreign currency aspects of programme fees.

  • Are there any alumni study trips?

    Yes, there are annual study trips to different parts of the world. Please contact the Alumni Relations Team for full details of the next study trip or send mail

  • Who do I contact for membership or benefits enquiries?

    Contact Judith – for membership enquiries and Uzoma Chukwuma – for benefits enquiries

  • How Do I Become a Financial Member?

    You can become a financial member of the Lagos Business School Alumni Association by paying either the annual or the life membership subscriptions. The annual membership dues are renewable at the beginning of every year and your financial membership status is reversed if the annual renewal is not done. The life membership dues cover your membership of the Association for life. Please contact any member of the Alumni Relations Team for the current membership dues. Once the payment is made and confirmed, we require an electronic copy of your recent passport photograph (send to for the production of your life or annual membership card.

  • Can I pay my life membership dues by installments?

    Yes, you can pay your life membership dues by no more than three installments. However, please note that the payment must be completed within a calendar year (between January and December of the same year).

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