Buyer Testimonials — The Kaushansky/Brown Team (2023)

“Philip, Irene and the team at Keller Williams Realty were an absolute dream throughout our house-hunting journey. As first-time home buyers, we had a lot (like, a lot) of questions and needed a little extra time to see what was out there before committing to our forever home – and they supported us every step of the way. They are true experts, incredibly professional, and yet personal. They made what was a very intimidating process, simple and fun. We’re so grateful for their guidance and support in getting our dream home! We couldn’t recommend the team more!”
“This team is amazing! They always replied promptly to emails/requests and stuck with us until we found our dream home. We are picky and so they would pre-screen houses for all of our requirements. When I lost hope and thought about offering on a house that didn’t meet our core requirements, they told us to hold off and that something would come through that was better for us. Of course, they were right and we are over the moon with our house! If you are looking to buy or sell, I would absolutely recommend them.”
“With thanks to Irene and Philip’s professional expertise and thorough knowledge of the city, we were able to find the perfect condo that met our criteria in a very short time interval. What could have been a very stressful downsizing experience turned out to be a real pleasure. We highly recommend this team for their overall caring and approach. ”
“Tremendous team, enough can’t be said about how hard this entire team works. They helped me as I purchased my first place, they were with me and advising me every step of the way. They were all incredibly honest, patient, and understanding of my needs/wants. Highly experienced and I’d recommend them to anyone. They work with and for you every step of the way.”
“Irene and Philip are not typical realtors. They always go above and beyond for their clients. They are a terrific duo, and together with their amazing staff are always there for whatever question, challenge, doubt, etc. that one may have. They LISTEN to their clients, unlike many others. We are thrilled with the purchase of our dream home and beyond thrilled with the challenging sale of our previous home. We are forever thankful to them ”
“It’s my great pleasure to have Irene as my real estate agent. I recommend Irene’s team to everyone who is searching for the ideal home. Irene is very patient with my concerns and questions. She provides me many valuable suggestions. Irene and her team reply my message very very fast. They always reply to my emails/texts/calls within a few hours. I always felt important and well taken care of ”
“Thank you so very much for all the time spent by both of you and your team on the sale of my home and the condo purchase. I feel very fortunate to have had you in my corner from beginning to end. Although some corners, I must admit were crooked. It was so wonderful the way you were on top of everything, good, bad or indifferent. I always felt good that I was really being looked after and any question or concern was never too minute. You always took the time to respond.

Irene, the many condos we visited, the time you spent with me made me feel special and an important client. Philip when we visited condos you gave me your expertise and knowledge for my information. I hope that I have expressed to you to the best of my ability my feelings of thankfulness during such a process of selling and buying property. I will never hesitate to recommend your Team should the occasion arise. God bless!”

“Always willing to go the extra mile for their clients. Reliable and honest. Amazing.”
“Just wanted to send a HUGE THANKS for all your help in the process of purchasing our first home.

If we ever had any questions about the value of a great realtor, all those questions have been answered. Your knowledge and professionalism were second to none. And clearly the reputation you have in the industry is superb and a huge factor in why we got the house perfect for us!

We really appreciate the time you spent visiting the houses and completing the thorough inspections. The opinions and expertise you provided along the way definitely helped us in making our decision. We also appreciate how you walked us through the process of what to expect and what we needed to do along the way, it kept us sane and (relatively) calm the whole time.

Overall, it was an absolute pleasure working with you and you can count on us to be referring you to all of our friends as they begin their house hunting too. Thanks once again! ”

“Knowledgeable, professional, and efficient is how I would describe this team. As long-distance Buyers moving from Massachusetts, we had to sell our properties in Vancouver and buy a new home in Toronto in less than two months of time, and yes, without giving up what we wanted. Irene made all these daunting tasks a very pleasant experience. She immediately understood our needs including small details and did a wonderful job in narrowing it down to fit our wish list. Throughout the entire process of selling and buying, she and Philip knew all the right people to recommend, whenever we needed them. I wish all agents were like her! Thanks Irene and Philip.”
“Ten years ago, Irene helped me to find the home of my dreams at a wonderful price. She went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that I fund the right home which suitably addressed my extensive wish list. I never forgot her fine work and the home proved to be a wonderful investment and a joy to live in. When the time came for me to sell, I hired Irene and her team again. Their efforts exceeded my expectations and in a matter of days, my home was sold well over asking and, I believe, at the second-highest price paid ever for any of the freehold townhouses in my community of several hundred homes. While there were moments of nervousness and unfounded hesitation on my part, Irene concluded her efforts by skillfully managing a “bidding war” on my home. I cannot commend her highly enough for her efforts and recommend her most strongly as both a buyer and seller agent since she has now represented me skillfully in both capacities. ”
“Working with Irene and Philip made buying my first home a pleasure. As well as navigating our busy Toronto market, they helped to guide my own ever changing property wishes and ideas. ”
“We loved working with Irene and Philip. Their knowledge, passion, patience, and thoughtfulness all made what can be a very stressful experience reassuring and enjoyable. Their knowledge of the city and dealing with competitive offers helped us on the buying end in a tough buying environment. When it came to the sale of our condo, their team helped us declutter prep and stage so it looked in its best possible light: we could hardly recognize it as our home and it generated 4 competing offers. We are recommending them to everyone we know!”
“We wake up and go to sleep in the perfect house for us. I absolutely love the house and I feel at home in every part of it - inside and out. It was a really long search and you stuck with us through a lot of highs and lows. You gave us good advice and kept us on track. You took on more when we could not handle it and you gave us space when we needed it too. 17 months is a long time to do anything, but when I come home every night, I absolutely know this was that house we were meant to live in and call our home. I truly appreciate your taking us through this process and getting us into the right place. I know I pushed to make a number of houses “fit” when they really did not, and I appreciate you guiding me back to what was right. Our home is an investment, but it is also our safe space. We found a place where we feel calm and happy. We have enough to do to make it our own, but not too much for it to be overwhelming. It feels so good to be settled and “nesting” instead of looking. Thank you for everything!”
“I can’t say enough praises about Irene, Phillip and the Team. From the first day of my search until the final closing they worked relentlessly to find me the right place to call home. Their approach is both very professional and personal, resulting in the perfect fit. I highly recommend this brilliant team for all real estate transactions.”
“Irene, Philip, and Bridgette are the perfect team. We met Irene at an open house about a year before we were ready to buy. She was the ONLY agent to take us seriously; staying in touch, and keeping us up-to-date on the houses potentially within our reach. When we were ready to buy, Irene, Philip, and Bridgette listened to what we needed, and they each brought amazing advice and guidance to the process. From the first house we visited, to the purchase of our home (in one bid), the Kaushansky Brown team delivered!

We are extremely happy with our home, and we would definitely recommend Kaushansky Brown to any buyer or seller in the GTA. Thanks Irene, Philip, and Bridgette!”

“Irene and Philip were wonderful and professional to work with to purchase our first home. After our first meeting, Irene had helped us narrow down exactly what we were looking for and had excellent knowledge of the market and our neighbourhood. We were also happy to get great coaching on getting our mortgage, making our offer and inspecting our home. As first-time home buyers, we felt well supported every step of the way. ”
“Irene and Philip at once put us at ease with their friendly manner and insightful knowledge. Our friends told us that buying a home would be very stressful but with them, it was a delightful, learning experience. They took care of everything, right from helping us find our first home to guiding us through each and every stage till we took possession. Even after we moved in, they continued to support us, showing us newbies how things worked around the house.

After comparing our friends’ experiences, we are now aware that Philip and Irene went way beyond the call of duty to assist us. It’s not often that you come across such a dream team. Passion, integrity and knowledge is not just their motto, it’s in their blood. Thanks to you, buying a home with you sure left a sweet taste in our mouth.

Our friends are wondering if you are for real since none of their agents treated them so well! At every house warming (we’ve had 3 now) one of the pet subjects is how lucky we are to have found such great real estate agents! At the risk of repeating ourselves… you guys are simply amaaaazing.”

“Irene and Philip were quick to understand our needs. Their professionalism and knowledge of the neighbourhood made the process of finding a suitable home super easy. Thanks, Irene, Philip, and Bridgette! ”
“The level of professionalism from Irene is outstanding. I was dealing with an emotional estate sale and purchase which required a lot of understanding and patience on Irene’s side. I am so grateful to Irene and her entire team for getting my family through this very difficult sale and purchase. I truly believe if she could handle this purchase, Irene and her team can handle anything! One of Irene’s many strengths is the way she genuinely cares for people. This was the one strength out of her many that I relied upon. She truly went above and beyond the expectations, one would have of a real estate agent. People are her passion along side with her career. I am so grateful! ”
“When I embarked on the mammoth task of relocating to Toronto from Ottawa, I was referred to Irene and her team as the go-to experts in my general area of interest. In tandem with her partner Philip, I took several city tours to help me gain knowledge about each neighbourhood and what it had to offer. Irene quickly understood my needs and wants, both in the type of property I was looking for and the neighbourhoods in the city which were going to be ideal for my lifestyle. She was able to pinpoint exactly what I liked and disliked and was able to preview properties ahead of my arrival, eliminating many she knew would not meet my criteria. This saved all of us an incredible amount of time and helped alleviate some of the stress and frustration involved in this transition. When the perfect house came on the market, Irene and Philip were able to swoop in and seize the opportunity…with the help of their stellar negotiating skills I now have a place I love and can truly call “Home”.”
“Irene and Philip are a fantastic tag team. They both have a great level of expertise in Toronto’s real estate market and are extremely professional, responsive and patient. Irene has a talent for quickly identifying the type of place you are looking for, and she may even know which places you will like and which ones you want before you even know it. Philip has great knowledge of the real estate market and patiently showed us lots of condos and answered all our questions. He also provided excellent advice to us when it came to making an offer in Toronto’s competitive market that can be tough on buyers. And finally, Bridgette was the perfect complement to the team by providing great service to us both during our condo search and after the offer was accepted. We will definitely recommend the KB Team to our friends and colleagues.”
“Irene and Philip were a pleasure to work with. Not only were they responsive to our needs but they also anticipated our needs and provided support and guidance throughout the home purchasing process. I would recommend Kaushansky/Brown to anyone.”
“We absolutely love our house that already fees like home - inside and out. It was a really long search and you stuck with us through a lot of highs and lows. You gave us good advice and kept us on track. You took on more when we could not handle it and you gave us space when we needed it too. 17 months is a long time to do anything, but when I come home every night, I absolutely know this was that house we were meant to live in and call our home. I truly appreciate your taking us through this process and getting us into the right place. I know I pushed to make a number of houses “fit” when they really did not, and I appreciate you guiding me back to what was right. Our home is an investment, but it is also our safe space. It feels so good to be settled and “nesting” instead of looking. Thank you for everything!”
“We cannot thank the KB Team (Irene, Philip and Bridgette) enough. When we began our search we had vague ideas about what we were looking for but they really helped us hone in on what was truly essential for us. From day one we felt we were in good hands; the KB Team’s knowledge, commitment and passion were evident throughout the process and thanks to them we found a home that we really adore. They took such good care of us that we would recommend them to anyone looking for a real estate agent responsive to their needs.”
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