D.R. Horton America's Largest Homebuilder (2023)

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D.R. Horton America's Largest Homebuilder (1)

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D.R. Horton America's Largest Homebuilder? ›

His net worth is estimated at $2 billion, according to Forbes' real-time database of billionaires.

Who is the largest homebuilder in America? ›

D.R. Horton

How much is the Horton family worth? ›

His net worth is estimated at $2 billion, according to Forbes' real-time database of billionaires.

What is D.R. Horton ranked on the Fortune 500? ›

Horton, Inc. is a home construction company incorporated in Delaware and headquartered in Arlington, Texas. Since 2002, the company has been the largest homebuilder by volume in the United States. The company ranked number 194 on the 2019 Fortune 500 list of the largest United States corporations by revenue.

Who are D.R. Horton top competitors? ›

D.R. Horton's competitors and similar companies include PulteGroup, Toll Brothers, Lennar and NVR.

Who is the largest privately owned home builder in the US? ›

David Weekley Homes Named Largest Private Home Builder in America by Builder Magazine | David Weekley Homes.

What is the largest family owned construction company in the US? ›

Warren Bechtel originally founded the company in San Francisco in 1898. Five generations later, it's headquartered in Reston, Virginia, with the Bechtel family still at the helm. Bechtel is the largest construction company in the US, with 55,000 employees and annual revenue of $17.6 billion.

When did Horton go out of business? ›

In April 2013, the original crossbow company that Rick helped start in the 1980's, Horton Archery LLC, permanently closed its doors and filed for bankruptcy.

Who bought Horton? ›

Big Pension Sold First Republic Stock, Bought AMC and DR Horton | Barron's.

Who owns the Horton House on Days of Our Lives? ›

The Horton house (545 Sycamore Street) belonged to Tom and Alice Horton, and continued to be occupied long after their passing. It is currently owned by their granddaughter Jennifer Horton.

What is D.R. Horton debt ratio? ›

Thus we consider debt relative to earnings both with and without depreciation and amortization expenses. D.R. Horton has a low net debt to EBITDA ratio of only 0.44.

What is the most profitable company in the Fortune 500? ›

Here are the top 10 largest U.S. companies for 2022 as ranked by Fortune.
  1. Walmart. The world's largest retailer posted $611 billion in revenue last year, according to Fortune. ...
  2. Amazon. ...
  3. Exxon Mobil. ...
  4. Apple. ...
  5. UnitedHealth Group. ...
  6. CVS Health. ...
  7. Berkshire Hathaway. ...
  8. Alphabet.
Jun 5, 2023

What is the richest Fortune 500 company? ›

Fortune Global 500 of 2021
2State GridEnergy
3AmazonInternet Services and Retailing
4China National PetroleumPetroleum
6 more rows

Who are the major shareholders of Dr Horton? ›

Top 10 Owners of DR Horton Inc
StockholderStakeTotal value ($)
The Vanguard Group, Inc.9.93%3,720,539,835
Capital Research & Management Co....7.75%2,902,790,464
BlackRock Fund Advisors5.60%2,098,544,889
SSgA Funds Management, Inc.4.02%1,505,894,670
6 more rows

Who is General Mills biggest competitor? ›

General Mills main competitors are Quaker Oats, Ecolab, and The Clorox Company.

Is Dr Horton a Fortune 200 company? ›

Currently ranked at #124 on the Fortune 500 list, D.R. Horton has consistently delivered top-quality new homes to homebuyers across the nation. Our company stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol DHI.

Who is America's most trusted home builder? ›

The Lifestory Research 2023 America's Most Trusted® Home Builder Study found Taylor Morrison as the most trusted brand among people considering the purchase of a new construction home. With the Net Trust Quotient Score of 118.4, Taylor Morrison had the highest trust rating among the most popular home builders.

Who is the richest home builder? ›

Leading home builders in the United States in 2022, by gross revenue (in billion U.S. dollars)
CharacteristicRevenue in billion U.S. dollars
D.R. Horton32.67
Lennar Corp.31.78
9 more rows
May 31, 2023

Who owns most homes in America? ›

Homeownership statistics by race show that the highest rates of homeownership are held by White households. Although homeownership rates for both Asian and Hispanic homeowners are above or around 50%, respectively, the rate for Black homeownership remains lower at just above 43%.

What is the third largest construction company in the US? ›

Fluor Corporation

With its headquarters located in Irving, Texas, Fluor Corporation is the third largest general contractor in the United States by revenue with $14.16 billion reported in 2021.

Who are the largest builders merchants USA? ›

The USG Corporation is the largest of these companies, with a total revenue of $3.45 billion and representing 12.7% of the total industry revenue. The second largest company is Vulcan Materials Company, with $3.35 billion in revenue, and Cemex with $3.22 billion in revenue coming in third.

What brand of appliances does D.R. Horton use? ›

Horton, which is the largest U.S. homebuilder, and Whirlpool Corporation, the world's leading manufacturer of major home appliances, ensures high-quality Amana®, Whirlpool®, Maytag® and KitchenAid® brand appliances will be in all newly built D.R. Horton homes as of Jan. 1, 2020.

Is D.R. Horton a billionaire? ›

Horton, 70, is worth $1.6 billion and is one of 2,816 billionaires listed in the global ranking Hurun Report has compiled for the last nine years. A 2020 global rich list has named 27 Dallas-Fort Worth billionaires — and one of them is Donald Ray Horton, founder of the Arlington-based homebuilder D.R.

What is D.R. Horton annual revenue? ›

Horton for the six months ended March 31, 2023 decreased 26% to $1.9 billion compared to $2.6 billion in the same period of fiscal 2022. Homebuilding revenue for the first six months of fiscal 2023 was $14.2 billion consistent with the same period of fiscal 2022.

Where is D.R. Horton's headquarters? ›

How much is D.R. Horton owner worth? ›

The estimated net worth of Donald R Horton is at least $2.7 Billion dollars as of 2023-06-05. Donald R Horton is the Chairman of D.R. Horton Inc and owns about 23,670,899 shares of D.R. Horton Inc (DHI) stock worth over $2.7 Billion.

How much is the CEO of D.R. Horton worth? ›

The current estimated net worth of Horton D R Inc's President and CEO, David V Auld, is estimated to be about $25.05M . David V Auld owns about 740,723 units of Horton D R Inc common stock. In the last 9 years at Horton D R Inc, David V Auld has sold an estimated value of $40.54M worth.

Why did they replace Jennifer Horton on Days of Our Lives? ›

Due to the pandemic, Melissa Reeves did not head back from Tennessee to California when filming began at the beginning of September, and Cady McClain (The Young and the Restless, All My Children) has instead stepped in to take over the role — temporarily, Soap Opera Digest reports.

What happened to the Horton House? ›

In 1735, William Horton was granted Jekyll Island by the trustees of the colony of Georgia. Following a Spanish attack that destroyed his first house on the island, Horton rebuilt the home that still stands today with the help of indentured servants in 1743.

Will Horton Days of Our Lives return? ›

Both actors re-appeared as the couple in the subsequent spin-off Days of Our LIves: A Very Salem Christmas in December 2021; and then Will and Sonny returned to the main show in March 2022, with Tinker debuting as Sonny on the parent show, and Massey appearing in a recurring capacity as Will.

Is D.R. Horton a good stock? ›

D.R. Horton currently has a Zacks Rank of #1 (Strong Buy). Our research shows that stocks rated Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy) and #2 (Buy) and Style Scores of A or B outperform the market over the following one-month period.

Which company has the highest debt ratio? ›

  • Toyota Motor Corporation. It takes money to make money. ...
  • Evergrande Group. ...
  • Volkswagen AG. ...
  • Verizon Communications. ...
  • Deutsche Bank. ...
  • Ford Motor Company. ...
  • Softbank. ...
  • AT&T.
Feb 22, 2023

Is 13% a good debt ratio? ›

Your debt-to-income (DTI) ratio is how much money you earn versus what you spend. It's calculated by dividing your monthly debts by your gross monthly income. Generally, it's a good idea to keep your DTI ratio below 43%, though 35% or less is considered “good.”

What is the wealthiest company in the US? ›

The Biggest Companies in the United States by Market Capitalization (March 24, 2023) As of March 23, 2023, with its market capitalization of $2,514 billion, APPLE INC. is the most valuable company in the United States, according to the CEOWORLD magazine, a list of the world's biggest companies by market cap.

What is the wealthiest company in the world? ›

Apple once again leads the charge as the most valuable company in the world, ahead of Microsoft and Saudi Aramco.

What is the most profitable company in the USA? ›

The most profitable company in the U.S. is Apple, with $94.68 billion in profit earned during their 2022 fiscal year, which began on Sept. 26, 2021, and ended on Sept. 24, 2022. Apple's profits during this time were 64.9% higher than the profits earned during the 2021 fiscal year.

Who is No 1 richest person in world? ›

Billionaire, businessman and the chairman and chief executive of LVMH (LVMUY), Bernard Arnault holds the crown as the richest person in the world. According to Forbes, Arnault has a fortune of $217.9 billion.

Who is the richest person in the world 2023? ›

The May 31 update shows Musk overtaking Bernard Arnault, the owner of luxury goods brands such as Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Tiffany & Co. Arnault was named the richest person in the world by Forbes in April, but a recent drop in his company's stock catapulted Musk ahead.

What is the oldest Fortune 500 company in the world? ›

Another feather in Alexander Hamilton's tricorn cap: The founding father to whom we owe the Federalist papers, the U.S. Coast Guard and Broadway's hottest musical also started the oldest company on the Fortune 500--Bank of New York Mellon (No. 179).

Does BlackRock own D.R. Horton? ›

Horton Inc. (US:DHI). This represents 7.4 percent ownership of the company. In their previous filing dated 2022-01-31 , BlackRock Inc. had reported owning 35,431,305 shares, indicating a decrease of -27.68 percent.

Who is the major shareholder of Home Depot? ›

Top Shareholders

BlackRock, Inc. State Street Global Advisors, Inc. Charles Schwab Investment Management, Inc.

How many shares does D.R. Horton own? ›

As of March 31, 2023, there were 341,070,276 shares of D.R. Horton common stock outstanding.

What are the top 7 companies owned by General Mills? ›

What Major Brands Does General Mills Own? General Mills brands includes Annie's, Betty Crocker, Nature Valley, Yoplait, Pillsbury, Haagen-Dazs, and Blue Buffalo. It also has ownership in various cereal products including Cheerios, Chex, Lucky Charms, Trix, and Cocoa Puffs.

Does Tyson own General Mills? ›

General Mills acquired those brands from Tyson Foods in 2021. General Mills plans to shutter a Blue Buffalo production facility in Independence, Iowa, USA by the end of 2023, Manufacturing Dive reported. The plant produces Top Chews and Nudges treats.

Does Nestle own Cheerios? ›

Cheerios cereal brand | Nestlé Global.

Where is D.R. Horton on the Fortune 500? ›

Horton, Inc. currently employs approximately 7,600 employees nationwide. The company is #232 on the 2017 Fortune 500 list, operates in 27 states across the country. Since its founding, D.R.

Who has the largest residential house in America? ›

A Marvel of Elegance and Charm. Experience America's Largest Home®, as magnificent today as it was more than a century ago. Your self-guided house visit spans three floors and the basement of the luxurious family home of George and Edith Vanderbilt.

Who are the top rated home builders? ›

The Top 100
2022 RankCompany2021 Rank
1D.R. Horton (p)1
2Lennar Corp. (p)2
3PulteGroup (p)3
4NVR (p)4
85 more rows

Who is America's most trusted home builder for seven years? ›

From 2016-2023, Taylor Morrison has been recognized as America's Most Trusted® Builder by Lifestory Research.

Who is the largest commercial builder in the US? ›

The largest contractor in the US is Turner Construction, with a revenue of $14 billion. It provides general contracting services in a variety of sectors, including: Aviation.

Who is the greatest builder in the world? ›

1. Frank Lloyd Wright. Frank Lloyd Wright was one of the most famous and influential architects of the 20th century. He is best known for his Prairie Style homes, which were designed to fit in with the natural landscape.

What NFL player owns the biggest house? ›

Reggie Bush

It is 7,500 square feet with 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms in Pacific Palisades with neighbours like Slash from Guns 'N Roses and NBA star Tristan Thompson. It has an incredible opening foyer that blows you away as well as games rooms and an indoor movie theatre.

Who owns the most expensive homes in America? ›

The Chartwell Estate, located in Beverly Hills, California, is owned by the late head of Univision, Jerry Perenchi. Built in 1933, the French neoclassical home encompasses 25,000 square feet of land. It is situated on a 10-acre expanse of manicured lawns and gardens.

Who owns the biggest house in the world? ›

Who is the owner of the biggest house in the world ? Istana Nurul Iman Palace, the official residence of the Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, is the largest house in the world, spread over 2.15 million square feet.

What percentage of Americans own their home with no mortgage? ›

Yet no-mortgage owners in California are only 33% of all homeowners – and only four places have a smaller share: D.C. at 24%, Maryland at 28% and Colorado and Utah at 30%.

How many blacks own homes in America? ›

While the U.S. homeownership rate increased to 65.5% in 2021, the rate among Black Americans lags significantly (44%), has only increased 0.4% in the last 10 years and is nearly 29 percentage points less than White Americans (72.7%), representing the largest Black-White homeownership rate gap in a decade.

Who sold the most houses in the US? ›

Caballero has been the top-ranked real estate agent by REAL Trends for both total sales and number of transactions since 2013. Between 2004 and 2019, Caballero sold 36,827 new homes totaling $13.141 billion in volume.

What is the strongest house to build? ›

Research-wise, concrete foundations, insulated concrete form framing (ICF), and a corrugated galvanised steel roof are the strongest house materials. Foundations are usually constructed from concrete because it is our strongest building material and it's important to have a sturdy house foundation.

What is the most efficient house to build? ›

Like geodesic dome homes, tiny homes are more energy efficient than other builds because they have less surface area. However, tiny homes are more efficient because they are smaller overall while geodesic dome houses are efficient because of their particular shape.

Who is the best new build company? ›

Large Housebuilder of the Year
  • Barratt Developments (Winner)
  • Bellway.
  • Berkeley.
  • Bovis/Vistry.
  • Keepmoat.
  • McCarthy & Stone.
  • Redrow.
  • Taylor Wimpey.
Dec 3, 2020


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