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Anytime Fitness is one of the most popular gym chains in the world. It’s known for its convenient locations, hours, and affordability. With 24/7 access, members can work out whenever they want, day or night. But what happens if you need to cancel your Anytime Fitness membership?

This article will explore the steps and tips for cancelling an Anytime Fitness membership. We’ll cover how to contact the club directly, cancel through an online portal, cancel by phone, and cancel in person. Additionally, we’ll discuss the benefits of cancelling an Anytime Fitness membership, different options for cancelling, and common mistakes to avoid when cancelling.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Cancel an Anytime Fitness Membership

Cancelling an Anytime Fitness membership is relatively straightforward. Here are the steps you should take:

Contacting the Club Directly

The first step is to contact the club directly. You can find the address, phone number, and email address of your local Anytime Fitness on their website. Once you have this information, you can call, email, or visit the club in person to let them know that you wish to cancel your membership.

Cancelling Through an Online Portal

If you prefer, you can also cancel your membership through the Anytime Fitness website. Go to the “My Account” page and select the “Cancel My Membership” option. You’ll be asked to provide your name, address, and other relevant information. Once you’ve filled out the form, click the “Submit” button and your membership will be cancelled.

Cancelling by Phone

You can also cancel your Anytime Fitness membership by phone. Call the customer service number listed on the website and explain that you would like to cancel your membership. The representative will ask you to provide some basic information, such as your name and address. Once your information has been verified, your membership will be cancelled.

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Cancelling in Person

If you prefer, you can also cancel your membership in person. Visit the club and speak to the staff at the front desk. Explain that you’d like to cancel your membership and they will provide you with the necessary paperwork. Fill out the form and return it to the staff. Once they’ve processed the paperwork, your membership will be cancelled.

How to Cancel Anytime Fitness Membership: Step-by-Step Guide and Tips - The Enlightened Mindset (1)

Tips on How to Make the Cancellation Process Easier

Cancelling an Anytime Fitness membership is fairly simple, but there are a few things you can do to make the process even easier. Here are a few tips:

Gather Necessary Documentation

Before you begin the cancellation process, make sure you have all the necessary documentation. This includes your membership agreement and any other documents related to your membership. Having these documents on hand will ensure that the cancellation process goes smoothly.

Have a Record of Your Membership

It’s also important to have a record of your membership. This includes the date you joined the club, the duration of your membership, and the services you received. Having this information on hand will help you answer any questions the staff may have when you’re cancelling your membership.

Ask Questions

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you’re unsure about anything during the cancellation process, don’t hesitate to ask the staff for clarification. They should be able to answer any questions you have and help make the process go as smoothly as possible.

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Benefits of Cancelling an Anytime Fitness Membership

There are several benefits to cancelling an Anytime Fitness membership. Here are a few of the most common ones:

Cost Savings

One of the biggest benefits of cancelling an Anytime Fitness membership is cost savings. According to a Consumer Reports survey, the average gym membership costs $58 per month. That adds up to over $700 per year. By cancelling your membership, you can save a significant amount of money.

Flexibility in Exercise Options

Another benefit of cancelling an Anytime Fitness membership is flexibility in exercise options. When you’re not tied to a gym contract, you can explore different activities and try new things. This could include taking yoga classes, running outdoors, or joining a recreational sports team.

Avoiding Unused Fees

Finally, cancelling an Anytime Fitness membership can help you avoid unused fees. Many gyms charge a fee for cancelling a membership, so it’s best to cancel before you start accruing fees.

How to Cancel Anytime Fitness Membership: Step-by-Step Guide and Tips - The Enlightened Mindset (2)

Different Options for Cancelling an Anytime Fitness Membership

If you decide to cancel your Anytime Fitness membership, there are a few different options available. Here are a few of the most common ones:

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Cancelling the Contract Early

If you’d like to cancel your membership before your contract term is up, you can do so by paying a cancellation fee. This fee is typically equal to one or two months’ worth of membership dues. Once you’ve paid the fee, your contract will be cancelled and you won’t owe any more money.

Transferring to Another Gym

If you’re looking for a different gym, you can transfer your membership to another Anytime Fitness location. This can be done by visiting the new club and filling out the necessary paperwork. However, keep in mind that this process may take a few weeks to complete.

Freezing the Membership

Finally, you can also freeze your membership. This means that you won’t be able to use the gym, but you won’t have to pay the monthly membership fee. This is a great option if you’re going on vacation or need a break from the gym for a few months.

How to Cancel Anytime Fitness Membership: Step-by-Step Guide and Tips - The Enlightened Mindset (3)

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Cancelling an Anytime Fitness Membership

When cancelling an Anytime Fitness membership, there are a few common mistakes to avoid. Here are a few of the most important ones:

Not Cancelling in Time

When cancelling your membership, make sure you do it in a timely manner. Many gyms require 30 days’ notice before cancelling a membership, so be sure to check the terms and conditions of your contract. Otherwise, you may be charged an early termination fee.

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Not Getting a Written Confirmation

Once you’ve cancelled your membership, make sure you get a written confirmation. This will help protect you in case there are any issues with the cancellation process. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Not Asking About Refunds/Credits

Finally, don’t forget to ask about refunds or credits. Depending on the terms of your contract, you may be entitled to a refund or credit for unused time. Be sure to ask the staff at the club if this is an option.


Cancelling an Anytime Fitness membership is relatively simple. You can do it by contacting the club directly, cancelling through an online portal, cancelling by phone, or cancelling in person. There are several benefits to cancelling, including cost savings, flexibility in exercise options, and avoiding unused fees. Additionally, there are different options for cancelling, such as cancelling the contract early, transferring to another gym, or freezing the membership. Finally, there are a few common mistakes to avoid when cancelling, such as not cancelling in time, not getting a written confirmation, and not asking about refunds or credits.

If you’re considering cancelling your Anytime Fitness membership, take the time to review your options and make sure you understand the process. Taking the time to do this will ensure that you make the best decision for your needs and budget.

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How do I cancel my Anytime Fitness gym contract? ›

To discuss your membership cancellation options, please contact your home club directly. You may use the Find a gym to find your club's contact information.

How do I cancel my gym membership without going to the gym? ›

The best way to begin the process is to send a letter via certified mail informing the gym of your desire to terminate your membership with as much information as possible. Your name, address, payment information, and account information should all be included, along with your reason for canceling.

How do I cancel my fitness gym? ›

To cancel your membership at any time, simply contact your bank and cancel the direct debit mandate that allows us to collect your monthly gym subscriptions.

Can I cancel my membership at any gym? ›

Different fitness centers and health clubs have different policies. But it's likely your gym has at least a 30-day cancellation policy to ensure they get paid if you cancel in the middle of the month. There's a slim chance of getting money back for any days you won't be using the facility.

Why can't i cancel my Anytime Fitness? ›

I want to cancel my membership

As each club is independently owned and operated, and any cancellation requests must be addressed directly with the club, as per your Membership Agreement, through our Online Cancellation Request Portal.

Is Anytime Fitness membership refundable? ›

Membership fee is non-refundable. 2. The CLUB retains the right to cancel or suspend the membership of any person for any reason.

How to cancel membership? ›

Manage your subscriptions on Google Play
  1. On your Android device, go to your subscriptions in Google Play.
  2. Select the subscription you want to cancel.
  3. Tap Cancel subscription.
  4. Follow the instructions.

How do I stop my gym from charging my credit card? ›

  1. Negotiate with the gym. Research your consumer rights when you're ready to cancel your gym membership. ...
  2. Get a refund through your credit card company. You could file a chargeback with your credit card company if you paid for your gym membership with a credit card. ...
  3. Send a Demand Letter. ...
  4. Sue the gym in small claims court.
Aug 24, 2022

What to do if you cancel your gym membership but they are still charging you? ›

Put your cancellation request in writing. In your case, the gym has continued to charge your account after the cancellation. So here is what you can do: Contact the gym again, make sure you are dealing with someone in authority.

What do you say when you quit your gym membership? ›

Dear [name], I am writing this letter as a formal notice of my intent to cancel my gym membership. The contract number is [number], which I signed on [date]. [Here, refer to your contract or any attachments and state the reasons why your membership is eligible for cancellation.]

How do I cancel fitness on my iPhone? ›

Cancel your Apple Fitness+ subscription
  1. Do one of the following: On iPhone or iPad: Open the Fitness app, then, if you're on your iPhone, tap Summary. Tap your profile picture, tap [account name], then tap Apple Fitness+. ...
  2. Follow the onscreen instructions to change or cancel your subscription.

What is a no lock in gym contract? ›

Open-term or “no lock-in” contracts let you pay as you go, rather than being locked in to a membership for a set period. However, gyms must be clear about how you can end the contract. Any cancellation period must be reasonable.

What are reasons to cancel a gym membership? ›

Top Reasons Members Quit the Gym and How to Overcome Them
  • No gym buddy or accountability partner.
  • Uncomfortable with equipment.
  • Feeling out of place.
  • Budget concerns.
  • Dissatisfaction with gym equipment or offerings.
  • Not seeing results.
  • Health changes or challenges.
  • Relocation.
Oct 20, 2021

Can a gym keep charging you? ›

Most gym memberships require a month usually to cancel. When you cancel ALWAYS get it in writing. If they charge you after you cancel, provide proof that they should have cancelled your account and that they need to provide a refund.

What do you do when a company won't cancel your membership? ›

If a company won't stop charging your account after you've tried to cancel a subscription, file a dispute (also called a “chargeback”) with your credit or debit card. Online: Log onto your credit or debit card online account and go through the dispute process.

Can you cancel a membership on your credit card? ›

The best way to stop recurring payments on a credit card (like utilities, subscription services, or rent) is to contact the service provider directly. You may be able to do that online, by phone, in person, or by mail, depending on the service.

Can I cancel my card to cancel my gym membership? ›

Cancel your credit card

The nuclear option to stop paying for a membership through a back channel—getting rid of the credit card that is being automatically charged. Before you get that route, you can ask your credit card company to stop your charge.

Can I block a gym from charging my bank? ›

If you want to cancel a contract for a service, like cable or a gym, be sure to cancel your contract with the company as well as telling it to stop automatic payments. If you cancel an automatic payment on a loan, you still have to make payments on that loan.

How do you stop you keep charging your card every month? ›

Stopping a card payment

You can tell the card issuer by phone, email or letter. Your card issuer has no right to insist that you ask the company taking the payment first. They have to stop the payments if you ask them to. If you ask to stop a payment, the card issuer should investigate each case on its own merit.

How do I cancel all automatic subscriptions on my credit card? ›

How to Cancel Automatic Payments on Your Credit Card
  1. Step 1: Locate Your Credit Card Statement. ...
  2. Step 2: Speak to a Customer Service Representative. ...
  3. Step 3: Request to Cancel Your Recurring Billing. ...
  4. Step 4: Follow Up in Writing. ...
  5. Step 1: Call Your Debit Card Company. ...
  6. Step 2: Request to Cancel Your Recurring Billing.
Mar 6, 2022

Why do gyms keep charging? ›

Answer: Some gyms make their money by providing workout facilities. Others make their money by signing people up for contracts, then continuing to charge credit cards or bank accounts even after those people cancel. This isn't a mistake or an isolated incident.

What happens if I quit gym? ›

Within the first weeks: The body starts to undergo biological changes in muscle size that can lead to weight gain. Over the long-term: Physical inactivity can lead to greater risks for major health problems, from heart disease and diabetes to early death.

How do I write a letter of termination for membership? ›

Write using a formal business format and specify the subscription you're canceling. Give a reason for the cancelation and request confirmation. Cancel a business contract by writing a letter stating your intentions, explaining why, and including a final payment for services. End on a friendly note.

Why can't I cancel a subscription on my iPhone? ›

You can only cancel subscriptions on iPhones if the subscription was purchased through Apple's App Store and is linked to your Apple ID account. That means you can cancel online newspaper memberships, Apple's own services (like Apple Music) and other streaming or media subscriptions, such as the Washington Post or HBO.

Where do I find subscriptions on my phone? ›

Find your purchases, reservations & subscriptions
  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open your device's Settings app Google. Manage your Google Account.
  2. At the top, tap Payments & subscriptions.
  3. Tap Manage purchases, Manage subscriptions, or Manage reservations.
  4. To see more details, select an item.

Can gyms lock you into a contract? ›

The most important thing you can do is read your gym contract back to front before signing it. It is also worth trying to negotiate exit terms before you sign up. Many gyms also offer no lock-in contracts, which is a good option if you're not sure how long you'll retain your membership.

Are gym contracts legally binding Why? ›

Like all contracts, gym membership contracts create a binding agreement between you and the gym, which lasts until the contract ends. The gym might be able to sue you to collect its membership fees if you stop paying before you are legally allowed to.

What does no commitment mean? ›

: a failure or refusal to commit something or someone.

What scares a gym owner the most? ›

Gym and fitness owners face various issues like wrong cost budgeting, backup plans, identifying problems and their solutions, wrong hiring of staff, and much more.

How much money is wasted on unused gym memberships? ›

(KRDO) -- Americans could be wasting up to $319 per year on unused gym memberships they haven't yet canceled, according to new research by MyProtein.

Does gym drain energy? ›

Yes, exercise can drain your energy, especially after a long, intense session. But regular, consistent exercise that keeps you fit and healthy will ultimately perk you up, not leave you feeling drained and tired.

Can you cancel anytime at Planet Fitness? ›

To stop the billing of the annual fee, cancellation must be completed by the 25th of the month prior to the annual fee date. Lasty, if your membership has a minimum term and is cancelled prior to end of contract term, a $58 buyout fee is required.

How long can I freeze my Anytime Fitness membership? ›

How do I freeze my account temporarily? You may temporarily suspend or freeze your membership twice for up to 3 months for both periods combined for any reason such as travel, medical or hardship.

How to write a letter to cancel Planet Fitness membership? ›

To cancel via mail: Write a letter that explains your intent to cancel your membership and includes your name, address, phone number, and Planet ID membership number. Address it to your home club, and Planet Fitness recommends sending it via certified mail.

Why can't i cancel my Planet Fitness membership? ›

The only way to cancel your Planet Fitness membership is by going to your gym physically or by sending them a letter. You cannot cancel your membership by mail or by phone, but you can use apps like DoNotPay for an easier cancellation process. All in all, before you cancel, make sure this is the right decision for you.

Why do gyms have contracts? ›

Gym membership contracts protect the gym as well as its members. It does this by ensuring everyone is on the same page regarding the terms of use for the gym. Additionally, gym membership contracts are used to reduce the facility's risk and liabilities.

How much is the Anytime Fitness membership freeze fee? ›

The minimum freeze period is one billing period (or 2 weeks if you have pre-paid your Membership Fees). Your Membership will be extended by the freeze period. A weekly Freeze Fee of up to $2.50 may apply (see clause 9).

What happens if I freeze my gym membership? ›

Whether you are going on holiday or returning from injury, freezing means you don't need to cancel and pay a Joining Fee when you come back – so it's a great way to help you save!

What does it mean to freeze your gym account? ›

Freezing the membership allows the member to keep their current rate and return without having to sign up again at a different rate. If the annual fee is scheduled within the freeze period, the member will still be held liable for this charge on the scheduled date.


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