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How much does it cost to build a home in Carmel Valley, CA?

The cost to build a custom home in San Diego County will vary based on many different factors. Lot location and size, permits and fees, and specific design choices will all impact the all-in cost to build a custom home in Carmel Valley. We estimate that the cost to build a home in Carmel Valley is approximately $400 - $600 per square foot, including some modest allocations for improvements and soft costs. If you’re interested in learning more about the cost breakdown, you can read our article about how much it costs to build a home in San Diego. If you would like an estimate for your project, use our Land/Build Calculator.

How much does land cost in Carmel Valley, CA?

Carmel Valley stretches west to the I-5 freeway and east to I-15, along the 56 corridor. In the more inland area of Carmel Valley, you’ll find plenty of estate lots over 1 acre, and as you head towards the coast you’ll find a lot more in-fill lots in established communities. If you choose to build towards the coast, you may be subject to additional permits as the coastal zone stretches inland through Carmel Valley. We estimate that a straightforward lot with minimal improvements will cost somewhere in the range of $1,300,000 - $2,000,000.

Land in Carmel Valley includes the following zip codes: 92130

If you would like an estimate for your project, use our Land/Build Calculator.

Why Carmel Valley, CA is a great place to live

Carmel Valley is a suburb in central San Diego with a population of over 30,000. Due to its population and footprint, Carmel Valley has a dense suburban feel in the developed areas. Carmel Valley offers residents a wide variety of amenities, including multiple parks, a diverse population, and highly-rated public schools. Carmel Valley is also a reasonable commute to lots of other areas in San Diego. In Carmel Valley, there are also plenty of great entertainment and dining options that are bound to satisfy anybody’s taste.

Things to do in Carmel Valley, CA

Only a short drive from the beach, Carmel Valley is a wonderful community for families and young professionals with plenty of outdoor activities available. For a relaxing day in the fresh air, visit the local Torrey Hills Park. The park has plenty of open green space, picnic tables, and even a basketball court, making it the perfect place to go jogging or take your kids on the weekend.

For furry friends, try out the Torrey Highlands Dog Park. This 1-acre park is completely fenced in, so you can feel comfortable letting your pup off leash to run and play with the other dogs while you can relax in the shade.

If you prefer hiking, check out the Peñasquitos Falls Loop, where you can get a view of the beautiful waterfalls and enjoy a moderately challenging, one-hour hike. This trail is popular with hikers and trail runners, making it the perfect place to meet your neighbors while you get some exercise.

For residents who enjoy golf, the Fairbanks Ranch Country Club isn’t far away. The club offers golf courses and tennis courts along with an outdoor pool and sports complex. There are also multiple in-club cafes and restaurants to choose from.

What's the process to build a custom home in Carmel Valley, CA?

The process of building your custom home with Buildable is straightforward when working with our team and our dialed process. We break down the process into 3 phases: Locate, Design, and Build.

Locate Phase

During the locate phase, we will be finding the perfect location for your dream home. Our real estate team will provide you with a shortlist of options right for the project.

There are more properties than what you see on the web. Through Buildable’s proprietaryActive Searchprocess, we reach out to vacant landowners to create off-market opportunities. At any given time we may have 5-10 of these Buildable exclusive lots.

Once in contract, we will perform due diligence on the property to reduce risk and identify challenges. This includes the creation of aLand Report,which contains a 28-point audit to ensure you have all the relevant information to proceed with confidence. This step will also inform the land negotiation process.

Design Phase

During the design phase, we will procure the right designer and customize the home around all of your must-haves. We will identify the home requirements and develop a thorough plan and estimate to ensure we stay within the budget and on time.

There are many options when designing a home, and you don’t always need an Architect. We will help develop a strategy that fits your needs.

Build Phase

We will be building your dream home to your exact specifications. The building process is straightforward but will require decisions at key times during the journey. Buildable aims to make the process smooth, easy, and adaptable to the level of effort and attention you desire.

How long does it take to build a custom home in Carmel Valley, CA?

Typically, in Carmel Valley, building a home requires about 12 months, but that’s only the construction of your home. The custom home construction timeline also includes finding the land, designing the home, developing plans, and permitting.

So, how long does it take to build a custom homeaccounting for all the steps? Building a custom home in Carmel Valley can take around 24 months when you factor in finding the land, designing the home, and building it. If you want to learn more about the time it takes to build a custom home, read our articleHow Long Does It Take To Build A Custom Home in San Diego?

Is Carmel Valley, CA subject to coastal commission development permits (aka Coastal Zone)?

In some areas close to the water, you may be subject to additional permits, costs, and time to build your home. Lots subject to this requirement can change block by block, so part of our Land Report will be to review this aspect of the land so you will be aware and level set on expectations. We can also aim to avoid these zones in our search.

How to choose the best custom home builder in Carmel Valley, CA?

Finding a quality builder inCarmel Valley can be challenging because customers have trouble vetting them. At the beginning of a project, you won’t have the scope of the home tightly defined enough for an accurate estimate. Most builders will provide you with cost estimate ranges by square footage. The other complication is that you also need to include the improvement costs that are specific to the lot, as that will be a unique driver of cost. Buildable is an A & B licensed General Contractor and will guide you through the design to achieve your budget.

Once you have plans, you can bid out your project to get a real sense of costs. Ignore the builders who provide a “foot in the door” price far lower than other bids. You must know everything that's part of the bid, including your fixtures, finishes, and appliance specifications. That’s the only way to make an apples-to-apples comparison between bids.

If you would like to learn more about picking a homebuilder, read our article on how toHire a builder.

Build your home with Buildable

Building a home in Carmel Valley takes an immense amount of time and effort, and can appear overwhelming to those who start the journey alone. However, building a home can be straightforward when you approach the process with experts by your side who can guide you through every step.

At Buildable, all of the people you need to have a stress-free home build will work with you to create the home of your dreams. Read about ourteam, talk to us, and get the answers to questions you may have about starting the custom home building process in Carmel Valley.

How is Buildable different from other custom home builders?

Buildable manages the process from start-to-finish. First, we help you locate and purchase the land ensuring that it’s capable of supporting your vision. Second, we help you design your home through a variety of cost-effective options. The most important part is having our experienced engineering team guiding you through the design process to ensure a cost-effective balance to meet your goals. Third, we bring your dream home to life by assembling quality craftsman/women to build your vision.

We are the innovators of this approach — no one else offers a similar guided process from start-to-finish.

Our Service Areas in San Diego

Buildable operates within 60 miles of San Diego proper, but we do consult nationally. If you would like to learn more about where we work, simply check out Buildable’s home building service area.

Nearby service areas in San Diego include:

  • 4S Ranch, CA

  • Cardiff, CA

  • Del Mar, CA

  • La Jolla, CA

  • Solana Beach, CA

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