Opening Hours, Price and Opinions (2023)

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Opening Hours, Price and Opinions (1)

Information about JD Gyms Derby

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Osmaston Rd 709
DE24 8NG, Derby

+44 1332 948588

Opening hours

  • Monday: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Thursday: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Friday: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Saturday: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Sunday: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Looking for the best gym membership in Derby? A safe, hygienic gym with fitness classes included. No contract, low cost membership! JD Gyms Derby

Looking for the best gym in Derby? If you’re searching for a gym with hundreds of pieces of the best cardio and strength equipment, over 300 classes a month, saunas in our luxury changing rooms and a great location with plenty of free parking, all included for one amazing no contract price, then choose the incredible JD Gyms Derby today and we promise you’ll never look back!


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JD Gyms Derby: Opinions

Phil Aitchison 10 months ago

Great club, lots of freeweights, no contract and even a sauna in the changing room.

rh 1994 10 months ago

Good selection of weights and equipment, thr new management and staff have made a big difference to thr atmosphere of the gym and the members attitude too

Natalie Duncan 10 months ago

Reasonable prices and quite a number of machines

Marco spinetti 11 months ago

Always a pleasure to train in this JD structure, staff always smiling, lot of courses taken

Diogo Oliveira 1 year ago

Very good gym, i feel comfortable there

Shane Scott 1 year ago

Great gym, needs more squat racks, leg extension machines and deadlift areas but good value for money

Phil Gray 1 year ago

Very good equipment plenty of everything

David Broughton 1 year ago

Just joined as a new member from a previous gym which I quit because of how busy it was during peak times( very few people using cardio equipment) since I'm only interested in weights I feel like I've made a perfect switch. It can be busy but people are spread out with a large portion of people using cardio equipment. It has many weight benches and always readily available. When I joined I was told it had plans to become a 24 hour gym which I think would be a perfect addition.

Jake Rowland 1 year ago

Good gym, not too busy in the morning. Lots of equipment and weights and plenty of social distancing and disinfectant available.

Aidan Barradell 1 year ago

Spacious gym with lots of equipment. Worth the money.

Jay Dee 1 year ago

Love gym, great space, has loads of equipment, great staff and loads of mirrors to check my quads in lol

Bobby Olejnik 1 year ago

Great place to work out, amazing value for money and has all the equipment you need.

Devon 1 year ago

Im used to more hard core no frills gyms. However, ive got to say jd gym Derby is a good gym.

Billy Boult 1 year ago

Great gym, plenty of good equipment for all workouts, definitely would recommend

R Speks 1 year ago

Great range of equipment, good space and a great membership and exercise class option.

rihards 1 year ago

Nice big gym,friendly staff. Good equipment

Jay Barnes 1 year ago

Spacious gym with plenty of social distancing. Also plenty of sanitisation stations all through the gym. Felt very comfortable in there.

Campervan Life 1 year ago

Great gym, spacious, clean and friendly staff

Les Handford 1 year ago

Great gym social distancing working, everyone cleans down b4 and after with plenty of cleaning stations, high roofing with good circulation

Scott Howarth 1 year ago

Positive: Professionalism , Quality Excellent gym. Well maintained and the staff are really friendly. Can’t recommend it enough. The only downside is the god awful music. I’ve got noise cancelling headphones and I can still hear Ibiza 96 wherever you are.

Katarzyna Wlodarczyk 1 year ago

Using this gym for nearly 2 years, never had any issue. Friendly ,helpful staff. Good choice of classes ( enough for me ) , lots of easy to use equipment. Only one little "but " is the car park, could be more organised and for a gym members and staff ONLY. Xx

John Coffey 1 year ago

Very good! I love working out here. Good place to exercise and lovely atmosphere. Staff very friendly.

Andy Rosser 1 year ago

Been a regular member since 2017 when it opened. Friendly staff, decent equipment. A very good gym. Highly recommended.

Amy-rose Carpenter 1 year ago

Positive: Communication , Professionalism , Quality Second time working out at JD gym and I cannot fault it! Amazing friendly staff, the classes are awesome, really motivational and so much equipment. Also! Thank you for all the staff helping me set a bee free that had got trapped by the front door. That's A* environmental service!

Phil Gallimore 2 years ago

Great gym, always busy but there are so many machines and weights it's never really an issue getting on what you want. Changing rooms are clean and staff are always welcoming. For the price it's the best gym I've found in Derby

Jodie Wood 2 years ago

Great gym very clean and tidy , staff are friendly , good range of equipment, large changing area that has everything you need. Only downfall is when walking in it's quite warm you dont get that blast of cold air like at other gyms not sure if the aircon isnt working or on a low setting or if it isnt allowed to be on because of Covid but other than that it's great!

Luke Stacey 2 years ago

Good gym for the price. Only down side is the turnover of staff.

John Ninan 2 years ago

Love this place.. good equipments and great facility .. good level 3 trainers available for personal trainers .. and the free classes are a bonus to ur monthly subscription

Ben Jones 2 years ago

Lots of very good equipment. Rooms that classes are done in look very well equipped. The place was clean and plenty of changing room. The equipment it appropriate for lots of styles of workouts: Lifting, cadio, calisthenics. Very nice sled runway

ian hume 2 years ago

Teresa’s Zumba classes are the best in the business, and JD are lucky to have her. She deserves Award for her service to the dance community. She’s knows how to make people feel good,loose weight and gain confidence. Best dance class ever.

Sophie Moxon 3 years ago

Probably the best value for money gym I’ve been to, clean facilities and plenty of classes

Phil Barnard 3 years ago

sick gym, plenty equipment and good facilities for a very decent price

Shaun Woolley 3 years ago

This is a fresh new outlook on how a gym should be. I was blown away with the mass array of gym equipment to choose from and the facilities are top quality! The female fitness instructor I met was very friendly and informative and I never felt pressured into doing anything. For the money you pay I highly recommend.

Honest J 3 years ago

Great Gym, Good customer service from Steven one of the PT instructors he really know's his stuff very approachable and polite, thanks. Anyone who is nervous and wants to join a gym for the first time this is ideal !

Narinder Dhillon 3 years ago

Great gym loads to do even if the gym looks busy great classes excellent weights area

Jack Judd 4 years ago

The facilities there are amazing, the people are really nice and everything is maintained to a high standard. Also they have plenty of parking for the people going and if you want to cycle they have a decent place to lock your bike.

Andrew Brown 4 years ago

Visit regularly and love this gym. A great Derby gym that's all about its members!! Staff are great, lots of updates and friendly members which makes the whole going to the gym a pleasure!

Heidi Pickers 4 years ago

Great gym,.plenty of equipment

Jon 4 years ago

If your looking for a middle ground between the expensive Banatynes or David Lloyds and the budget Puregym or Gymgroup type places this is perfect. Good value for money, excellent range of good quality equipment and lots of class options with free parking. This one in Derby is still relatively new so time will tell how it ages.

Damian Janowski 4 years ago

New gym with plenty of gear, good pricing, sauna, PTs available. All what you need from local gym

Scott Copson 4 years ago

I have nothing but good things to say about jd gym derby, all the facilities are brilliant the staff were very helpful and in particular a Pt by the name of Scott was absolutely amazing in helping me to get in shape, he was very knowledgeable and friendly

Mark Draycott 4 years ago

Had a great PT session with Scott, he also set me up a diet plan which was very helpful. Excellent service and price.

Brandon Eardley 4 years ago

Nice gym with lots of equipment and classes. Not too busy after 6:00pm most days

Colin Churchill 4 years ago

The biggest gym I have ever trained in. Massive amount of equipment. Decent wet area with a sauna.

Gaz_Vlogs 4 years ago

Great gym! Freedom to train whenever you like but a decent range of classes if you want them

Chibesa Mwape 4 years ago

Awesome gym, fantastic facilities and a good selection of classes to attend. Good value for money

TheOfficialMark 4 years ago

Awesome Gym, clean and it doesn’t stink of sweat and armpit. Very well equipped and the changing rooms and toilets are very tidy and smelling fresh. Staff is also kind and helpful.

Sharlotte Briscoe 4 years ago

Love this gym. It's kept clean the staff are friendly great classes and great price. It's a win!

Peachyzelda 1987 4 years ago

Use this gym about 4 times a week and I go at all kinds of times from peak to off peak and never have a problem getting a full work out in. Car park can sometimes get a little busy due to the local area using the car park .

Carleen De Armon 4 years ago

Well-equipped with everything you could want in a gym. Sometimes at peak hours there's a bit of a wait for the squat racks, but otherwise you can tell they are in the business of fitness and are set up to make sure everyone can do what they like (except no swimming pool, but you can only ask so much!). Everything from equipment to locker rooms is clean and tidy, and I love how the women's locker rooms have plenty of lockers, showers, and blowdryers for people who have to rush off to work straight after the gym! Classes are responsive and trainers are friendly, and I love to get motivated to be fit by attending a JD Burn class!

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JD Gyms Derby appears in the following listings:

51 Gyms in Derby
829 Gyms in Region of East Midlands England

JD Gyms Derby appears in the following listings:

51 Gyms in Derby
829 Gyms in Region of East Midlands England

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