Six Flags Flash Pass: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying (2023)

A Flash Pass is one of the most popular passes atevery Six Flags park.

In this guide, we'll explainwhat a Six Flags Flash Pass is, how it works, the perks that it offers, the different types of passes, and if it's worth it.

    What is a Six Flags Flash Pass?

    A Six Flags Flash Pass provides a visitor access to a separate and quicker line for the most popular rides.

    The Flash Pass entrance will either lead to a different line or allow you to cut the regular line.

    Six Flags Flash Pass: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying (1)

    Depending on whichSix Flags locationyou visit, you may receive a Flash Pass wristband or Flash Pass watch.

    After making your reservation through the app, you'll simply need to show your Flash Pass (wristband or watch)to the ride attendant, and you can enjoy your ride with little to no wait time.

    The Flash Pass acts as a fast pass for the Six Flags parks, as you'll spend less time waiting in lines, and more time riding the actual rides.

    Is It Included With Admission?

    No. A Flash Pass is a separate cost and requires a park admission to be able to use it.

    How Doesa Flash Pass Work?

    Your experience in using a Flash Pass may vary slightly depending on which parkyou'revisiting, but luckily for you, we've covered both cases.

    Flash Pass Wristband

    At Six Flags Great Adventure, for example, visitors can purchase the Flash Pass through the Six Flags App, orat the park inside the Flash Pass headquarters.

    Six Flags Flash Pass: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying (2)

    We ended up purchasing inside of the Flash Pass headquarters, but we'd recommend doing it through the app.

    There's a line to wait in, and once you get to the staff, they'll simplyassist you in navigating through the app to purchase the Flash Pass.

    Once you've entered your personal information and payment details in the app, your phone will receive a prompt to receive a wristband from the staff.

    (Video) The Truth about the Flash Pass at Six Flags EVERYTHING you need to know!

    Six Flags Flash Pass: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying (3)

    Each wristband has a wristband number, and you'll enter your wristband number inside of the app, and then click the save wristband button.

    After this is complete, you can stay inside of the app and reserve rides directly from there.

    The app will give you an approximate estimated time of when you can use your Flash Pass for each ride, and remind you when it is near your ride time through a notification.

    Six Flags Flash Pass: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying (4)

    When it is your time to ride, you'll head straight to the Flash Pass entrance of the ride, show your wristband, and enjoy the ride.

    Flash Pass Watch

    In other parks, you'll be providedwith a touchscreen watchthatgrants you entryto the quicker lines.

    This touchscreen watch is what you will also use to make reservations for rides.

    Six Flags Flash Pass: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying (5)

    From this watch, you will be able to seewhich rides you have reserved, change your reservations to another ride, or even cancel your reservation for a ride.

    After you've reserved a ride,you can see the wait time forthe ride directly on the watch.

    Whenever your ride is ready, your watch will receive a notification.

    Wait times will vary depending on which version of the Flash Pass you've chosen, and how busy the park is.

    Types of Flash Passes

    There are three types of Flash passes:

    1. Platinum Pass
    2. Gold Pass
    3. Regular Pass

    Your experience will vary depending on which one you decide to purchase.

    (Video) Is The Flash Pass Worth It At Six Flags Magic Mountain?

    A Regular Pass allows you to wait virtually in line for a ride, while the Gold and Platinum Passes also do this, but will also at minimum cut your wait time by half.

    Platinum will offer the least amount of wait time, but will also be the most expensive.

    1. Platinum Pass

    Six Flags Flash Pass: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying (6)

    Up to 90% faster than the current wait time.

    Most Expensive.

    2. Gold Pass

    Six Flags Flash Pass: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying (7)

    Up to 50% faster than the current wait time.

    3. RegularPass

    Six Flags Flash Pass: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying (8)

    Wait Virtually for a ride.

    Least Expensive.

    Daily Price Changes

    It's important to know that the Flash Pass varies in price depending on which day you decide to go.

    The factors boil down to the season (is it a busier time of the year for the park or slower?), and whether it is a weekday or a weekend (weekdays tend to be slower).

    The slower times will generally be cheaper, whereas the busier times will be more expensive.

    Head over to the Six Flags site to get a price on a Flash Pass, on the day that you're planning to visit.

    All Season Flash Pass

    For those considering aSix Flags Season Pass, you should know that you can purchase the Flash Pass for the entire season as an add-on.

    (Video) Six Flags 2023 Season Passes EXPLAINED!

    This means that you can skip the lines for an entire year withThe Flash Pass on any regular operating day atyour specific Six Flags(the term of your associated Annual Pass).

    Six Flags Flash Pass: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying (9)

    Being able to skip the line at your favorite rides every time that you visit, is one of the best experiences that you can have at any theme park.

    Only the Platinum and Gold passes are available for the entire season.

    How to Purchase & Use a Flash Pass

    1. Purchase the Flash Pass online directly from the Six Flags site.
    2. Print your Flash Pass voucher
    3. Once you arrive at the park, head to the Flash Pass sales center (or Guest Services) to retrieve your watch
    4. Enjoy your favorite rides with minimal to no wait time
    5. Return the watch before leaving the park

    Don't Lose the Flash Pass Watch

    If you lose the Flash Pass watch that was provided to you, you will have to pay a $70 fee to replace it.

    So.. Make sure that you have the watch strapped on tightly!

    How to Find theFlash Pass Entrance

    If you've never used a Flash Pass before, you should know that finding the entrance can be a bit challenging at times.

    Typically there will be plenty of Flash Pass signs near the ride entrance.

    Six Flags Flash Pass: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying (10)

    If you're unsure where to go, don't hesitate to ask a park attendant to point you to the right area.

    Flash Passes Are Non-Refundable

    It's very important to know that once you've purchased a Flash Pass, you can't return it, or receive a refund.

    You'll want to ensure that you're well informed before making a decision to purchase this pass, as well as be sure that you're available to go to the park on the date that you've chosen.

    Flash Passes Vary By Park

    Which rides are included with the Flash Pass at each Six Flags parks are different.

    Below, we've created a guide foreach Six Flags park, that will show you exactly which rides the Flash Pass works for.

    Flash Pass For Each Six Flags Park

    • Six Flags Magic Mountain's Flash Pass
    • Six Flags Great Adventure's Flash Pass
    • Flash Pass at Six Flags Over Texas
    • Six Flags Fiesta Texas Flash Pass
    • Six Flags St. Louis Flash Pass
    • Six Flags Great America's Flash Pass

    Reserve Your Next Ride ASAP

    After you've reserved your ride, and you've walked over to the ride, and checked in with theride attendant, immediately reserve your next ride!

    (Video) What's the difference between the flash passes at Six Flags?

    By the time you've exited your current ride, and begin walking over, you'll receive a notification (through your watch or app) that your next ride is ready to go.

    Is a Flash Pass Worth It?

    If you're visiting on a weekend, especially during the busier months of the year, a Flash Pass is absolutely worth it.

    When the park is busy, ride wait times can be several hours. You can avoid dealing with that by investing in a Flash Pass.

    If you're visiting on a weekday, a Flash Pass may not be worth it as ride wait times are traditionally much shorter, and you won't need to wait in line for a long period.

    Frequently Asked Question

    Is the Flash Pass for One Person?

    Yes,each person has to pay the full price for their ownFlash Pass.

    If you have a group of 5 people, all 5 people will have to pay for their own Flash Pass, and each person will receive their own Flash Pass watch.

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    How does the flash pass regular work? ›

    There are three types of THE FLASH Pass available: regular, Gold, and Platinum. With THE FLASH Pass Regular, you have to wait the same amount of time as those without the pass, but you get to skip the lines. So, if the anticipated wait were one hour to ride a coaster, your reservation time would be in one hour.

    What's the difference between gold flash pass and platinum? ›

    The Platinum Flash Pass gives greater perks and shorter wait times than the Gold bypass. With the Platinum Flash Pass, you may reserve a niche in line for up to 5 rides at a time, and the reservation times are commonly a good deal shorter compared to the everyday line wait time.

    How do you skip all the lines at Six Flags? ›

    THE FLASH Pass ride reservation system holds your place in line so you can spend more time having fun. Just choose your ride and enjoy priority boarding opportunities. Learn more about how THE FLASH Pass works at a park near you. Go!

    How do you avoid lines at Six Flags? ›

    Six Flags Flash Pass

    The Six Flags parks offer the Flash Pass to avoid lines on select rides. Reserve your pass ahead of time to guarantee you get it — only a limited number of passes are issued each day. Make your way to the Flash Pass kiosk in the park when you arrive, and you will be issued a Flash Pass device.

    Can you ride twice with flash pass? ›

    Things to Do with Kids: "Grab a FLASH Pass and you'll go to the front of all the lines; with a Platinum FLASH Pass, you can even stay on your favorite coaster and ride twice."

    Can multiple people use the same flash pass? ›

    Although up to six people can be on one device for the pass, you will need to purchase each pass separately. Fill in your billing information and then you can pick up the pass when you arrive at the park. It is important that you make sure you're buying a Flash Pass for the right Six Flags theme park.

    What is the most expensive flash pass? ›

    Platinum Pass

    The Platinum Flash Pass is the most expensive option, as it literally cuts the current wait time of the ride by 90%. With your Platinum Pass, you also get wristbands that entitle you to a second go on specific rides.

    Can I upgrade my gold pass to Platinum? ›

    Can I upgrade my Gold Merlin Annual Pass to a Platinum Merlin Annual Pass? Gold Passholders can upgrade to Platinum at any time. Please visit admissions at your home attraction and they can process this for you.

    What is Platinum flash? ›

    Flash Platinum is a must-have ultra reflective glitter polish! Contain 100% super reflective silver fine glitter in clear base, hands down the coolest polish ever! The reflective effects can be captured with the phone flash. It's looks like mini diamonds all over!

    How do you avoid lines at amusement parks? ›

    See privacy policy.
    1. Consult a crowd calendar. An easy way to experience shorter lines is to visit Disneyland when everyone else isn't. ...
    2. Arrive for rope drop. ...
    3. Take advantage of early entry for Disney hotel guests. ...
    4. Go solo with single rider lines. ...
    5. Swap out with rider switch. ...
    6. Book a dining package.
    Sep 1, 2022

    Does Six Flags have cubbies? ›

    Bags aren't allowed on most of the rides at Six Flags Magic Mountain, so if you're carrying a purse or backpack around the park, you'll have to either leave it in a cubby (risking theft) or pay for a locker whenever you go on a ride.

    How do you beat lines at amusement parks? ›

    13 Tips to Save Time, Avoid Long Lines, and Experience More Rides at Amusement Parks
    1. Reduced park operating hours = less busy. ...
    2. Arrive first; leave last. ...
    3. Early entry. ...
    4. Don't follow the crowds. ...
    5. Know the THRC. ...
    6. Single rider line. ...
    7. Cut the line. ...
    8. Join a coaster club for the ERT.
    Apr 27, 2015

    What days are the least busy at Six Flags? ›

    Weekdays (Monday-Friday) are historically least crowded during the summer season in June, July, and August. Weekends attract more tourists and vacationers. Learn more.

    Do you walk through a metal detector in Six Flags? ›

    Park Security

    Your safety is our top priority. All guests are required to pass through metal detectors and have their bags inspected. Inappropriate items should be left at home or in your car.

    Can you walk around with beer at Six Flags? ›

    Alcoholic beverages may be purchased by Guests 21 years of age or older. Proper ID is required to purchase and/or consume alcohol. No alcoholic beverages can be brought into Six Flags Parks. Alcoholic beverages purchased in the park must be consumed before leaving the park.

    How many people can use the flash pass Six Flags Over Texas? ›

    You can add up to 5 people to the pass but there is an additional charge to do that.

    Can you use lightning lane once per ride? ›

    You can enjoy a Disney Genie+ service Lightning Lane entrance once per day. If you'd like to experience an attraction again or see a certain show again within the same day, you are welcome to use our regular standby line.

    Can you use a Fastpass more than once? ›

    When that one has been used, you can do it again and again, until the park closes or FastPasses are gone for the day. These additional FastPasses can be made for a separate park than where you started the day at.

    Can you use someone else's flash pass at Six Flags? ›

    However, you won't be able to change your name to someone else's name as these passes are non transferable. In fact, Six Flags states: Six Flags Pass IDs are nontransferable and may only be used by the specific individual the ID was assigned to.

    Can you give your flash pass to someone else? ›

    Can I use a pass on a ride and then my wife use it on the next? Yes you can share the flash pass as long as you are not all planning to ride at the same time. You can only request one ride at a time though so if you get multiple passes make sure they don't group them all on one band.

    Is flash pass worth it on weekdays? ›

    When the park is busy, ride wait times can be several hours. You can avoid dealing with that by investing in a Flash Pass. If you're visiting on a weekday, a Flash Pass may not be worth it as ride wait times are traditionally much shorter, and you won't need to wait in line for a long period.

    How many people can use Gold flash pass? ›

    The cost of a Flash Pass is per person, with up to six people allowed per each pass. Prices vary by date. For example, costs for a Flash Pass at California's Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in early August were $45 per person for a regular pass, $70 for Gold and $110 per person for Platinum.

    How much are flash passes at Disneyland? ›

    How much do FASTPASSES cost? Nothing! Digital FASTPASSES are included in the cost of your ticket. MaxPass costs $20/day per person.

    Can I upgrade my seasons pass to a Gold pass? ›

    Season Pass upgrades can be done at the park once it opens. You may upgrade to another type for the same year (i.e. Season Pass 2023 to Gold or Platinum 2023).

    How much does it cost to upgrade to Platinum Pass Universal? ›

    Or guests can purchase it for a one-time amount of $529. A Platinum Pass has no blackout dates, includes entry to Halloween Horror Nights, and includes Universal Express Pass, which allows guests to skip a line once per day, per attraction.

    How do I upgrade my Gold pass to COC? ›

    The Gold Pass is purchased in the Season Challenges view or from the Supercell Store. It needs to be purchased again from the Shop for each Season Challenges season. It does not renew automatically. The Gold Pass is valid for one Season Challenges season, and each season lasts a calendar month.

    Why is platinum 950? ›

    Platinum jewelry, however, is hallmarked with either “PLAT” or “950”. 950 means that your platinum is 95% pure and only 5% are other alloys. This makes platinum one of the purest of all precious metals for jewelry.

    What is the highest grade of platinum? ›

    Purity & Quality Marks

    Jewelry marked only “Platinum,” “Pt” or “Plat” contains at least 95-percent pure platinum. Platinum content can also be marked by 999 for 99.9% pure platinum, 950 for 95% and so on.

    What is the best day to go to an amusement park? ›

    Mondays are often the second busiest and busier than Sundays since many others… thought Sunday would be worse. The least crowded days to visit are Tuesdays and Wednesdays," Niles says. Holidays can also be surprisingly good days to visit, says Dave Altman, president of American Coaster Enthusiasts.

    How to not be afraid of theme park rides? ›

    Repetition is the way to eliminate fear completely and learn to love riding roller coasters. Once you have ridden one ride enough times to feel comfortable with it, we suggest moving on to a new ride and trying a new coaster. Keep doing this until you've worked your way up to the huge rides!

    Does Six Flags close when raining? ›

    If the weather causes a majority of our rides to close for at least one consecutive hour due to inclement weather, we will offer a complimentary return ticket. Certain rules and restrictions apply.

    Can you wear a fanny pack at Six Flags? ›

    Typically any loose items including a fanny pack will not be allowed to be worn on the actual ride at Six Flags. This is done for your safety as well as the safety of the other visitors.

    What to do while waiting in line for rides? ›

    1. Bring snacks into the line. Stuffing your face is always a great distraction. ...
    2. Plan your next step. ...
    3. Dance Dares, presented by Ellen Degeneres.
    4. Make a life musical. ...
    5. Talk to your neighbors. ...
    6. If at Disney, look for hidden Mickeys. ...
    7. Character Alphabet. ...
    8. Guess the song.
    Jan 27, 2015

    How to survive theme park rides? ›

    Here are some tips to enjoy roller coasters without the nausea:
    1. Take Dramamine® Non-Drowsy. ...
    2. Choose your seat wisely. ...
    3. Focus your eyes on a fixed point. ...
    4. Keep a straight posture. ...
    5. Choose “safe” foods before and after your park visit.

    How do you become brave on a rollercoaster? ›

    A familiar face by your side will give you the courage that you need. Sit in the middle of the train. If you can, aim for a seat near the middle of the train. If you're already scared, it's best not to sit in the front row where the ride can seem the scariest, or the back where it tends to be bumpiest.

    What is the least busiest day at Six Flags Great Adventure? ›

    The best days to visit Six Flags Great Adventure are on the weekdays, specifically Tuesday-Thursday. The best time frame to visit is in the quieter months including May & September.

    Can I bring water to Six Flags Over Texas? ›

    May I bring my own food and beverages into Six Flags Over Texas? No outside food, beverages or coolers are allowed to be brought into Six Flags Over Texas.

    How much is parking at Six Flags Over Texas? ›

    There are two types of parking options at Six Flags Over Texas including: Single Day/General Parking ($40) Preferred Parking ($55)

    Can I sneak a vape into Six Flags? ›

    Six Flags maintains a smoke-free environment, except for designated smoking areas which are identified on park maps. All other areas in the parks, including ride queue lines, are smoke-free. E-cigarettes may only be used in designated smoking areas.

    Do metal detectors detect Vapes? ›

    Some people try to dodge the detectors by choosing vapes with plastic bodies. But that doesn't help at all. Even if the body is plastic, the metal detectors will pick up the metallic coil and batteries.

    Do they ask for ID at Six Flags? ›

    For security reasons, including deterring online fraud, each guest must show photo ID at the turnstiles matching the name that is printed on the ticket. Only young children without Student ID will be allowed entry without ID.

    Can I bring a water bottle to Six Flags Magic Mountain? ›

    May I bring my own food and beverages into Six Flags Magic Mountain? Food, beverages, coolers and grills may not be brought into the park. The only food exceptions are for food allergies as described below and infant food, in non-glass jars.

    Can you walk around with alcohol on the strip? ›

    Carrying an open container & consuming it in public is legal in Las Vegas & unincorporated Clark County. (Yes, that includes The Strip.) Walking around with an open container and consuming alcohol can land you in jail in most parts of the country, but definitely not on Vegas's famous Strip.

    Can you use Apple pay at Six Flags? ›

    All major forms of payment including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay and Debit cards can be used.

    What does flash to pass mean? ›

    The flash-to-pass feature lets you briefly turn on the high-beams. To use this feature, pull the turn signal lever (which protrudes from the left side of the steering column) towards you, then immediately release.

    How does the flash pass work reddit? ›

    The different levels of flash pass will save you time depending which one you get. Example say you get the platinum pass and the line for a ride is 60 minutes, you will reserve that ride and in 6 minutes you will be able to go to the flash pass lane and ride the ride faster than waiting in the regular line.

    What is in a flash mean? ›

    informal. : very quickly or suddenly. I'll be back in a flash. The idea came to me in a flash.

    What does flash mean in NSFW? ›

    Last updated on RxList: 3/29/2021. Flashing: "Flashing," or exhibitionism is characterized by intense, sexually arousing fantasies, urges or behaviors involving exposure of the individual's genitals to an unsuspecting stranger.

    What does it mean to get flashed by a cop? ›

    They do this when they get behind a car that won't pass or move right. They flash the car, the car moves right, the trooper flies by.

    How do you use the gold flash pass at Six Flags? ›

    Anyway, to use the pass you have to first reserve the ride you want to go to. It has a list of the rides and just scroll down, select your ride and click "reserve." You can also cancel it by clicking "cancel." I got the "Gold Flash Pass" and usually right after reserving I could go with no wait.

    Does flash know how do you run? ›

    But Flash's love of science has proven that Barry knows exactly how he can utilize his speed for much more than just running on the ground. Aside from using his powers to lift immense objects or travel between dimensions, Flash can defy physics and chase villains who make the same mistake as Spitfire.

    Can a 13 year old go to Six Flags alone? ›

    Can I go to Six Flags without a parent? As long as you have a ticket, you'll be fine.

    Can I wear a fanny pack on rides at Six Flags? ›

    Typically any loose items including a fanny pack will not be allowed to be worn on the actual ride at Six Flags. This is done for your safety as well as the safety of the other visitors.


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