The Top 12 Modular Home Builders in Ontario - Attainable Home (2023)

Ontario is one of the biggest provinces of Canada and home to some of the country’s most popular destinations, including Niagara Falls and the central metropolitan area, Toronto.

Many people choose to relocate there to pursue higher education in one of Canada’s (and even the world’s) top universities. Moreover, Ontario is the core of the Canadian economy, with plenty of job opportunities thriving in the region.

Getting a break from work also won’t be tough in Ontario because the province is home to several parks and forests. You can easily go for a walk or take a hiking trip to breathe in the fresh air.

People who live in Ontario often choose modular homes. Such homes are built quite rapidly and are a perfect pick for any Ontarian who wants a dependable home without stressing too much about design, cost, and building times.

Fortunately, Ontario has plenty of modular home builders. This guide will reveal some of the top modular builders in Ontario that are worthy of your time and attention.

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The Best Modular Home Builders in Ontario

Here is our selection of the top 12 modular home builders in Ontario standing apart from the rest, including:

  1. Guildcrest Homes
  2. Legendary Homes
  3. Northern Comfort Modular Homes
  4. Comfort Homes
  5. Smart Modular Canada
  6. Quality Homes
  7. Ranch Homes
  8. Bay Builders
  9. Royal Homes
  10. Linwood Homes
  11. Canada Modular
  12. KB Prefab

Now that you’ve seen the rundown let’s break down exactly what each of these acclaimed firms can offer prospective homebuyers.

Guildcrest Homes

Guildcrest Homes has been constructing energy-efficient, high-quality modular homes at its factory in Morewood since 1991. With three sales centers in eastern Ontario and an expanding network of over 20 authorized builders, it offers services across the province.

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Whether you want a cottage or single-family house, townhouses, multi-unit buildings, or semi-detached homes, Guildcrest can construct energy-efficient houses designed to meet your needs. The company also offers 3D virtual tours that allow you to explore its homes easily.

Guildcrest strives to offer quality services, personal assistance, and attentive care as part of its client commitment. Its mission is to be the leading North American factory builder delivering superior design, manufacturing process, quality projects, and materials to its clients in line with their needs.

The best thing about Guildcrest Homes is that it has everything you need under one roof to decorate and accessorize your home. Components include complete bathrooms, kitchen and decoration accessories, floorings, windows, exterior siding, cabinets, and more.

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Several technicians, housing experts, and interior and kitchen designers are available to guide you and ensure your new home reflects your personal choices.

Legendary Homes

For every twenty years, the Legendary Homes team, led by Owner and President Milan Smith, has been building prefab timber frames, custom modern, handcrafted, and custom modular homes throughout Asia, the US, and Canada.

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The company takes a building systems approach to manufacturing its homes. All package components are prefabricated and handcrafted at its facility in Collingwood, Ontario’s four-season playground. Because of this solution, it can assemble your new cottage or home on your build site in only two to three days.

Generally, its Prefab Home Packages cost between $95-$135 (excluding harmonized sales tax) per square foot.

So the total cost of your finished home could vary from $300-$400+ (excluding harmonized sales tax) per square foot, including their package and depending on the contractor, finishes, and area you pick.

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The company’s Prefab Home Packages provide a complete structural shell, including a hybrid wall system replete with factory-installed trim, siding, doors, and windows, heavy timber frame structures, and innovative Synergy Roof panels with R40+ insulation.

Northern Comfort Modular Homes

The Top 12 Modular Home Builders in Ontario - Attainable Home (5)

North Shore Quality Homes delivers high-quality, affordable modular homes. The company understands the importance of providing quality homes and services to all its clients.

Thie company is confident it will meet or surpass your expectations and help you identify the perfect floor plan.

All North Shore Quality Homes modular homes are built to Municipal Building Codes, Ontario Building Codes, National Building Codes, and local building codes. In addition, its homes are intentionally designed with extra insulation and other energy savings to minimize maintenance costs.

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Comfort Homes

One of Southwestern Ontario’s leading modular builders, Comfort Homes is a one-stop-shop for affordable modular cottages and homes. Since 2003, it has helped many clients build high-quality cottages and houses throughout Ontario.

The company offers turnkey modular homes in Southwestern Ontario and Grey-Bruce County, modular houses throughout Ontario, and weathertight packages throughout Southern Ontario.

Comfort Homes helps you determine what custom pre-engineered manufacturer will best meet your distinct needs. In addition, it will find the suitable cottage or home design to fit your budget and needs. Its cottages and homes start at less than $100 per square foot.

Overall, the Comfort Homes system enables you to put some sweat equity into your building project, giving you the incredible benefit of saving money and genuinely creating value in your new cottage or home that will last for decades.

Smart Modular Canada

The next builder on our list is Smart Modular Canada. The company has various floor plans for cottages, tiny homes, ready-to-move homes, sectional homes, and commercial solutions.

Smart Modular gives you access to its pool of experienced staff that will help you in every step of the construction process.

The Top 12 Modular Home Builders in Ontario - Attainable Home (7)

Its modular structures are built fast and efficiently. As a local manufacturer, the company often works on delivering to your property 6-8 weeks after the initial signed order.

Since the company’s homes are built in a climate-controlled facility, they go through a proven assembly practice, adhering to and surpassing CMHC and CSA standards.

Smart Modular Canada maintains consistent structural integrity and ensures accuracy and precision in every step of construction—it performs rigorous quality checks for drainage systems, water and electricity lines, and structural performance integrity.

Moreover, Smart Modular Canada uses only high-quality products and materials to construct its structures. Choosing the best materials ensures the delivery of a reliable project.

Quality Homes

Quality Homes has perfected a high-tech modular construction method that has revolutionized the industry through its precision-designed proprietary process and a team of skilled specialists.

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A great thing about the company is that it works with you in every step of the construction process.

These phases include:

  • Drafting
  • Permit assistance
  • Décor and design
  • Financing partners
  • Foundation and excavation
  • Construction
  • Site supervision
  • Warranty

When you work with Quality Homes, you can choose a cottage or home from the Design Collection or work with its design team to bring your telic vision to life. In addition, the company’s in-house drafting team will give you a whole set of architectural drawings.

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Apart from assisting in the design stage, the company provides financial solutions, including tailored banking solutions. Moreover, after you have decided on a home play, you only pay a 15% down payment and nothing else until Quality Homes installs your home on the lot.

Yanch Homes

Founded by Harold Yanch, Yanch Homes is a Tarion-registered home builder specializing in prefabricated homes. Its houses are constructed to the highest Canadian standards under climate-controlled conditions.

Yanch Homes’ uncompromising dedication to excellence and the strict quality control checks in its plant makes it one of the top builders in Ontario.

All of Yanch Homes are made in Canada in a state-of-the-art factory with the best materials available. Even though the company’s facility is located in New Brunswick, it can deliver and set up structures anywhere in Ontario.

Its Affordable and Efficient option has models that can be tailored to your needs and completed in just eight weeks!

The team at Yanch Home realizes that getting the best result in building a house requires attention to detail and a comprehensive understanding of the construction process. Several tasks require professional and skilled personnel to manage them.

With this in mind, Yanch Homes can help you with:

  • Planning your project
  • Creating a construction budget
  • Timing the build
  • Sourcing and delivering materials
  • Home construction tips.

Bay Builders

The Top 12 Modular Home Builders in Ontario - Attainable Home (10)

Located in North Bay, Bay Builders is another Tarion-registered and Guildcrest Homes Authorized Builder. Its website has seven floorplans ranging from 1,000-1,500 square feet.

Bay Builders prioritizes energy efficiency in its homes and understands how a tight building envelope can maximize comfort and lead to cost savings.

The Top 12 Modular Home Builders in Ontario - Attainable Home (11)

To attain this energy efficiency, the company promotes and uses high-performance insulation, doors, and windows.

Royal Homes

Royal Homes has revolutionized the local building industry by combining modern technology with traditional craftsmanship to produce high-quality custom homes since it was founded in 1971.

The Top 12 Modular Home Builders in Ontario - Attainable Home (12)

Right from the start, Royal has focused on how to serve customers best, and today the company has grown into one of Ontario’s leading providers of quality custom homes.

Presently, the company has a 110,000 square feet manufacturing facility in Wingham and remains a privately-owned Ontario company managed by its talented owner-managers.

Royal Homes constructs homes that last, using only high-quality building materials that will stand the test of time.

The Top 12 Modular Home Builders in Ontario - Attainable Home (13)

Along with stringent quality controls throughout design and construction, every Royal home must meet four quality standards—local municipal by-laws, the Ontario Provincial Building Code, the Canadian Standards Association, and the company’s own 250-point inspection.

Every Royal Home is individually designed to meet all the required codes and standards for your lot location.

The best thing about Royal Homes is that it ensures your dwelling looks and works great for many years. Its quality control continues long after the house is completed with various inspections and warranty support.

Follow up services include:

  • Service team inspections on request with a holistic assessment after one year
  • A seven-year Tarion-backed structural warranty that’s extended three more years by Royal Homes to provide you with a whole ten years of coverage
  • Five-year no-leak foundation warranty
  • Complete manufacturer’s warranty on fittings, materials, and fixtures where applicable

Linwood Homes

The Top 12 Modular Home Builders in Ontario - Attainable Home (14)

Linwood Homes has been making dream homes a reality since 1968. It has helped thousands of individuals and families build their dream homes in North America and delivered custom home packages to more than 25 other countries.

The company’s capabilities cover every style and size. Even though it is reputed for its beam and signature post homes, it has built everything from a 224-square-foot tiny home to a 45,000-square-foot conference center.

Linwood Homes has also won several local and national home-building awards.

The Top 12 Modular Home Builders in Ontario - Attainable Home (15)

The company follows a three-step building method that includes:

  1. Design – choose your preferred design, modify an existing plan, or make your own custom house.
  2. Materials – your design is prefabricated into your home package.
  3. Building – construct the home yourself, act as your own general contractor, or choose from the company’s vast network.

Canada Modular

Canada Modular comprises a passionate team of builders, visionaries, and designers who use innovation to create value and deliver sustainable, affordable, and attainable housing.

The Top 12 Modular Home Builders in Ontario - Attainable Home (16)

The company follows a five-step process: pre-design study, schematic design, engineering and reservation, production and site preparation, delivery, and installation.

Its modhouse© units offer attainable luxury and innovative living spaces for all your single and multi-family needs.

Their cutting-edge exteriors set its modular brand apart with large thermal windows that allow plenty of natural lighting and exclusive outer privacy fins, finished with cedar cladding.

The Top 12 Modular Home Builders in Ontario - Attainable Home (17)

The interior includes stone countertops, luxury vinyl flooring, surround sound speakers, spa-like baths, state-of-the-art fixtures and appliances, and SMART thermostats. Moreover, all units are integrated with energy-efficient elements like LED lighting and eco-friendly HVAC solutions.

KB Prefab

Founded in 2017, KB Prefab is another excellent modular home builder in Ontario. It is the culmination of more than three decades of experience in the construction and renovation industry.

The Top 12 Modular Home Builders in Ontario - Attainable Home (18)

The company offers complete cottages and garages. Its process includes laying the foundation and construction at your location.

Last Few Words

Initially, you might have had doubts about the quality of a modular home. However, the builders on this list have gained a superb reputation by providing top-notch modular homes that last for several years.

We hope you find our list of the top modular builders in Ontario helpful!

Contact the firms mentioned to check out their various floor plans and pick the right one for yourself.

Also, be sure to check out our lists of modular builders in neighboring provinces like Manitoba, and our list of green builders in Ontario, as several of the firms mentioned construct homes that are modular, and may deliver to your area of the province.

The Top 12 Modular Home Builders in Ontario - Attainable Home (19)

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The Top 12 Modular Home Builders in Ontario - Attainable Home? ›

Clayton Homes is the largest builder of manufactured and modular homes in the US.

Who is the largest modular home manufacturer? ›

Clayton Homes is the largest builder of manufactured and modular homes in the US.

How much does a prefab home cost in Ontario? ›

Including our package, the cost of your completed home will vary from $350 - $450+ per square foot + HST, depending on the location of the build site, style of home, finish choices, and contractor you choose.

Can I put a modular home on my property in Ontario? ›

For any house construction project, you will need to obtain a building permit. When building a modular house, you or your builder must apply for a building permit from the municipality where the house will be located.

What state has the most modular homes? ›

Number of cumulative mobile homes in the U.S. 2021, by state

As of December 2021, Texas was the U.S. state with the highest number of mobile homes, with 137,460 manufactured homes. Florida and Louisiana followed behind with 50,761 and 46,381 homes respectively.

How long do modular buildings last? ›

Most permanent modular buildings can last 35 years, 50 years or even centuries given the care and building type. To construct longer lasting modular buildings, developers and architects engineer more robust buildings with thicker, stronger materials designed to stand the test of time, weather and seismic activity.

What is the largest modular building in the US? ›

Tower B2, in New York, is the tallest modular building in the world. With 32 floors and 363 apartments built with modular technology, this residential building is part of the massive urban rehabilitation project in Brooklyn, Atlantic Yards, and a US$ 5 billion venture.

How much does a modular home cost in the US? ›

The cost of a modular home ranges from $80 to $160 per square foot, or from $180,000 to $360,000, with many homeowners spending approximately $270,000.

Is it cheaper to build or buy prefab? ›

Modular homes generally cost 5-20% less than a comparable finished home built on-site in most areas of California, but the biggest benefit of a Cutting Edge modular home is getting your home built faster and knowing that you will have a strong and beautiful home to live in for many years.

What is the cheapest kind of house to build? ›

Ranch Homes

A home with a simple and concise layout is the cheapest type of house to build. Ranch homes are typically single-story structures with attached garages. They're easy to find construction plans for and highly customizable, so you can find a home that fits your needs and budget.

Are tiny homes legal in Ontario? ›

What are the rules for tiny homes in Ontario? As long as the tiny home follows all building codes, you can live in it year-round. The tiny home must be a minimum of 188 square feet and follow all by-laws.

What is the minimum size house in Ontario? ›

Tiny home sizes

In all cases, a tiny home cannot be smaller than the minimum required size set out in Ontario's Building Code, which is 17.5 m 2 (188 ft 2).

Can I build a second house on my property in Ontario? ›

Yes, permits are required for the construction or addition of a SDU. This is to ensure that the construction meets the minimum standards set out in the Ontario Building Code. Permits are also required to ensure that other applicable laws such as the zoning by-law, are complied with.

Can I put a tiny home in my backyard Ontario? ›

There are several places you can put a tiny home in Ontario. You can put a tiny home on an empty lot that you own, as long as the tiny home follows all building code requirements. Your backyard. (Even in your backyard, you need a permit, follow the building codes and by-laws.)

Are modular homes worth the investment? ›

Unlike mobile homes, modular homes hold their value and don't depreciate with time. In most cases, modular homes even gain value; the resale value of modular homes is usually higher than their initial purchase price. Thus, it can prove to be a good option from an investment point of view.

How much does Blue Sky building systems cost? ›

Pricing for Blue Sky Homes start at $220 per sq ft and go up to $320 and include full architectural plans, engineering, all construction labor, and full project management of your home's construction.

Who are Deltec homes competitors? ›

Deltec Homes's competitors and similar companies include Walton Roofing, Sunrise Homes, Adamo Homes and BNW Builders.

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